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The Nicaragua Surf Season


The Nicaragua Surf Season

The Nicaragua Surf Season

January, February

This time of the year the weather hazard comes from the offshore wind getting too strong. Surf hindering strong winds come in blasts of up to a week. We lose anything from 3 to 4 weeks per winter due to very strong offshores. The swell is less consistent this time of the year.

March, April

As the winds reduce, the temperatures soar. With less wind and southern swells starting up, these two months are a safe bet for a Nica surf trip. Popoyo Outer Reef will light up for the first time of the year in March or April.

May, June

The first rains usually fall in the second half of May and are always heavy, sustained and bring the winds onshore for a few days. When its not raining the surf is good with a constant southerly swell & light, generally offshore wind.

July through mid September

The Canicula: The rains cease, the sun shines, the swell cranks. This period enjoys near perfect surf conditions most days.

Late September, October - BEWARE!

If we're going to get hit by a hurricane, its this time of the year. October, especially, is the month to watch out for. Bad weather this time of the year can get VERY bad. When the storms clear, the wind will shift back offshore quickly and with plenty of energy still in the South Pacific the surf conditions quickly improve.

November/ December

Everywhere is still green after the recent rains, light and building winds - but not usually too strong. Fun time to come surf and enjoy Nicaragua.


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