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Granada Day Trip & Activity Ideas (March 2018)


Granada Day Trip

Located on the shores of Lake Nicaragua characterful Granada oozes colonial charm with a Latin twist. Colorfully painted buildings line the streets & plazas. The bustling market will give you more than just a glimpse of Nicaraguan life. The cathedral overlooking the central park is a reminder of the historic influence & reach of Rome; a far cry from the straw roofed structure originally erected on the same site in 1525.

There are several bike rental outfits around town. Bike is one of the best ways get acquainted with the town! Wander down the pedestrianized Calle La Calzada and indulge your culinary senses with an array of delicious local and international cuisine.

Take a boat ride on the lake and explore the waterways between the 365 islands around the Asese Peninsula, just 10 minutes horse cart ride from the central park. Many of Nicaragua's wealthiest families have weekend retreats hidden amongst the islands - you'll see why! Hire a stand up paddleboard or kayak to get to the quietest corners and see abundant wildlife.

Back in town take a visit to the chocolate museum, try some chocolate rum, crush some cocoa beans or indulge in an anti-oxidant chocolate face mask or massage. Take a trip to the cigar museum and learn from the masters how to roll your own. Take a horse cart ride through town to enjoy it all from another perspective.

Enjoy the late afternoon from the bell-tower of the La Merced church. The plummeting tropical sun (which goes from bright sun to darkness in about 15 minutes) bathes the city in glorious golden glow for a few magical moments on its way down.


Granada is about 1.5 hours drive from Hacienda Iguana, so it’s best to leave early for a day trip. If you’d like to stay longer in Granada we can organise a stay on your own private island on the beautiful Lake Nicaragua. Casa Pura Vida is a hidden gem that’s definitely worth experiencing overnight.

Need to know

Wear some good walking shoes and comfortable clothes ready for all activities. Be aware that Granada is a Central American city and to be especially vigilant with traffic & your possessions.


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