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Hotel Con Corazon


Hotel Con Corazon
Well situated on a lively corner just two blocks from Granada's central park Hotel Con Corazon affords a natural view out into real Nicaraguan daily life. Through its charitable foundation Hotel Con Corazon is well integrated into its local community. Guests at Hotel Con Corazon can take comfort in the knowledge that their stay is contributing to the betterment of the community & the creation of future opportunities for the local kids.
  • Profits from hotel fund community projects
  • Rates from $51 per night
  • All modern conveniences including swimming pool
  • Bar and restaurant
  • Hearty breakfast included in room rate

Simple Luxury at Hotel Con Corazon

Hotel Con Corazon has 16 rooms including singles, doubles, triples and a family suite. All rooms include a private bathroom with hot water, air conditioning, ceiling fan and television. The hotels expansive communal areas are serviced by a fast WiFi internet connection and include a bar, a restaurant and ample corridors with several hammocks and had a huge chess set, each chess piece approximating the size of a 3 year old child. The restaurant serves an interesting menu of local and international cuisine, all prepared on site with food from the local market. Fresh fruit juices, fruit smoothies, teas, coffee's, snacks and a full range of alcoholic drinks are available at the hotels comfortable cafe/ bar which lends itself perfectly to socialising with other guests and the hotels extremely helpful & friendly staff.

Location details for Hotel Con Corazon

Facing the cathedral in the central park, turn left. Go straight on for two blocks and you'll see Hotel Con Corazón on the left hand side. Or just say 'Hotel Con Corazón' to any local or taxi driver.

Phone: (505) 2552 8852 | Calle Santa Lucia No. 141



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